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The Start of Something Wonderful
“Where’s Papa going with that ax?” said Fern to her mother as they were setting the table for breakfast."-Charlotte’s Web
I was so young when I first read these words and I will never forget the feeling of being hit in the gut and instantly transported into another person’s heart and soul.  I was so captured by the moment that words and art would forever weave their way into my life. Charlotte’s Web was my first love and the start of something wonderful.
That line leads me to where I am today working as an author/illustrator in Eastern Pennsylvania. I try to bring a sense of intimacy to my work and capture little moments in time. By combining simple designs with memorable characters, rich textures, and imaginative storytelling, I strive to leave a bit of wonder behind with each story. I have a fondness for digital watercolor, pencil, pastels, mixed media paint, and ink.  I live in a tumbledown cottage with my husband, two little ones, one fluffy cat, and a couple of overly affectionate fish.
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Charlie Eve Ryan is an author-illustrator living in eastern Pennsylvania. She is an active member of SCBWI. Her work combines simple designs with rich textures, memorable characters, and imaginative storytelling. Charlie loves books more than fluffer-nutter sandwiches and spends most days painting, writing, reading, and playing make-believe. 



Her author-illustrator picture book debut, Blue Cat (Starberry Books/Boyds Mill -Kane), comes out in October 2019. She is the illustrator for the board book Who Is Making a Mess (Amicus Ink, Spring 2020) and the picture book Saturdays Are For Stella (Page Street Kids, Spring 2020). She lives in a tumbleweed cottage with her husband, two little ones, one fluffy cat, and a couple of overly affectionate fish.


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